gifted soul.jpg

Saturday October 16 On top of the Hill

12:00 Jinks

1:00 Don Murray

3:15 Gifted soul

4:30 Chester Jazz and Blues

5:30 The legend of Sleepy Hollow in the Ampitheatre

6:30 The Entertainers


Saturday Oct 16th Join us in the Kimbrells building on top of the Hill from 6 pm until 9 pm for a Spooky short film and building tour

Head down to Gadsden street to the community stage for magic, and family fun

Stage Curtains

Saturday October 16th on Gadsden St

12:00 Scott Coleman

          Cake Walk

1:00 Grandma's Puppets

2:15 Magic

3:00 Bubbles

Bundt Cake
Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat
Window Light in Church

Sunday October 17


1:00 Chappell Road

3:00 Cedric Bowler